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Welcome to the Canadian Forestry Association’s new website launched in February 2013!

We are pleased to provide up to date information about our programs and continued access to our educational resources.

Enjoy your tour through the site.


– the CFA team at the Canadian Institute of Forestry



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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site Web que l’Association forestière canadienne vient de lancer en février 2013!

Vous y trouverez des renseignements à jour sur nos programmes et un accès continu à notre matériel didactique.

Bonne visite sur ce site.


– l’équipe de l’AFC à l’Institut forestier du Canada



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Hot News / À la presse


You are invited to attend the Forest Capital of Canada 2015-2017 Award Presentation Ceremony!

Constance Lake First Nation, the Town of Hearst, and the Municipality of Mattice-Val Côté were announced the Forest Capital of Canada 2015-2017. These communities recognize the continued support and cooperation received from its regional Business Sector, Forestry Agencies and Forest Industry Partners in helping them receive this designation. The ceremony will be held on the opening night of the Hearst Legion Springfest – Thursday, May 7th, 2015 – in the west side viewing lounge (La Limite) of the Claude Larose Recreation Centre.

Click here to view the poster!

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The Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre (Ottawa Valley) has been wonderfully successful in attracting many visitors and virtual visitors responding to the excellent outreach that they’re doing.

One way that CFA/CIF has offered support for this worthy program is through sponsoring the lookout deck high on the ridge overlooking the river and forest. Our contribution is being acknowledged with the mounting of this plaque.


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The Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), Canadian Forestry Association (CFA) and TDBank who are joining forces to celebrate National Forest Week 2013 under the theme, the GreenestWorkforce.

“Canadians can actively engage in this year’s National Forest Week theme by inviting foresters into the classroom to teach students about Canada’s world leading progressive forest management practices. Students can also learn about the innovative green products that can be made from forest fibre such as cosmetics, car parts and clothing,” says Dave Lemkay, General Manager of CFA. “We encourage everyone to find out what is happening in their region, or start their own event to raise awareness of the importance of the industry to our past, our present and our future.”

Click here to read the full media release.

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L’Institut forestier du Canada (IFC) a le plaisir d’annoncer un nouveau partenariat avec l’Association des produits forestiers du Canada (APFC), l’Association forestière canadienne (AFC) et la Banque TD, qui mettent leurs forces en commun pour célébrer la Semaine nationale de l’arbre et des forêts 2013 sous le thème La main-d’œuvre la plus verte.

« Les Canadiens peuvent participer activement à la Semaine 2013 en invitant des forestiers en classe pour présenter les pratiques progressistes du Canada en matière d’aménagement forestier. Les étudiants peuvent aussi se renseigner sur les produits écologiques innovateurs qu’on peut tirer de la fibre forestière, comme les cosmétiques, les pièces d’automobile et les vêtements », a ajouté  Dave Lemkay, directeur général de l’AFC). « Nous encourageons chacun à voir ce qui se passe dans sa région ou à mettre sur pied son propre événement pour sensibiliser les gens à l’importance de l’industrie, hier, aujourd’hui et demain ».

Cliquez ici pour plus de renseignements.

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Click here to view past news items / Cliquez ici pour voir les nouvelles anciens.


Forestry in Action / Les forêts en action

National Forest Week 2015 is fast approaching!

During National Forest Week (NFW), Canadians are invited to learn more about our forest legacy and to raise awareness about this valuable and renewable resource. Forests are fundamental to our economy, culture, history and future. Communities, families and individuals of both rural and urban settings are linked to our forests—their health is our health. Although special activities are promoted across Canada, National Forest Week remains first and foremost a challenge to individual Canadians to learn more about their forest heritage and support greater recognition of this valuable resource.

Check out what’s going on!
Remember, you can organize your own community event or get out and enjoy the forested landscape in your own special way.

Send us pictures of your celebrations for National Forest Week – we’d love to share them on our website!


Au cours de la Semaine nationale de l’arbre et des forêts (SNAF), les Canadiens et les Canadiennes sont invités à explorer leur patrimoine forestier et vont être sensibilisés à cette ressource noble et renouvelable. Les forêts sont des éléments essentiels de notre économie et de notre avenir et font partie de notre culture et notre histoire. En tant que communautés,  familles et individus, de milieu rural ou urbain, nous sommes tous liés à nos forêts – leur santé, c’est notre santé. Même si des évènements spéciaux sont organisés au Canada, la Semaine nationale de l’arbre et des forêts demeure avant tout une occasion pour les gens d’approfondir leurs connaissances forestières et de soutenir.

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