Envirothon participant hard at work at a blight resistance elm tree nursery site at the Onondaga Farm in St. George, ON, 2012.

The CFA is the national agency for Envirothon Canada which works in partnership with conservation groups, forestry associations, educators and cooperating natural resource agencies to organize and conduct competitions at the local, regional and provincial levels. Winning teams at the provincial levels compete at the North American Envirothon.


The North American Envirothon is the continent’s largest high school environmental education competition. Reaching more than 500 000 students across North America annually, Envirothon succeeds in its mission to develop knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated citizens who are willing and prepared to work towards achieving a balance between quality of life and quality of the environment.

Program Overview

–       promotes environmental education based on teamwork, collaboration, and competition

–       school-based learning guided by a set of expectations and key references

–       combines in-class curriculum and hands-on field experiences

–       supplements environmental education inside and outside the traditional classroom



–       students ranging from grades 9 to 12 work in teams of five to prepare group oral presentations for competition

–       teams explore four environmental themes: aquatic ecology, forests, soils and wildlife, plus a fifth topic which changes annually

–       workshops and field trips are led by local educators and professionals

–       all teams compete regionally

–       winning teams proceed to the provincial and international team competitions



–       secondary students explore environmental issues with peers, natural resource professionals and community leaders

–       students gain valuable knowledge and training in ecology and natural resource management principles and practices

–       students get excited about pursuing careers in environmental studies, environmental law, natural sciences and natural resource management

–       communities benefit from the involvement of young people in local environmental issues

–       society benefits from a citizenry educated in the principals of environmental stewardship 


Contacts and Detailed Information

 Provincial Envirothon contacts.     More about the North American Envirothon program.