National Forest Week Annual Fort St. James Grade 5 Hike to Bone Lake

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September 22, 2015 all-day
Fort St. James, British Columbia
Susan Salokannel

Our Fort St. James Annual Grade 5 Hike for National Forest Week is to Bone Lake. The activity

lasts for the entire school day.  There are 4 schools in our area and all grade 5 students and

home-schooled students are invited to attend.  Volunteers from the Fort St. James Forest

District, BC Timber Sales Stuart Nechako Business Area, Wildfire Management Branch Van-Jam,

the local forest industry, consultants and community members work together to make the day

fun and interesting for the children.  Volunteers help by setting up information stations,

barbequing a picnic lunch, or guiding small groups of children (of about 5 students each) and

their teachers along an interpretive trail.  The route has prearranged sites that illustrate several

seral stages of the forest and various ecosystems.  There will be a wild land fire & fire safety

demonstration if the fire crews are not too busy on real fire suppression.  The 20 sites include 2

wetlands, aquatic creature catch & release, bird watching, plant identification, and have

examples to illustrate forest health, fire and cultural heritage.  Children in each of the

interpretive groups take digital photos of the sites, activities and themselves.  The photos are

later collated on a disc for each school to keep and to use to help children make posters and to

help reinforce the learnings of the day.  Best of all, everyone has FUN.