The Forestry Profession

Forest professionals work in a variety of disciplines to manage, harvest, develop and protect Canada’s forest resources. They are trained to balance economic issues with social and environmental concerns towards long-term sustainability.


– conduct forest research

– manage forest resources

– plan and direct conservation and prevention programs

– negotiate terms and conditions of agreements regarding forest lands

– monitor contract compliance and results of forestry activities

– ensure adherence to government regulations and corporate objectives

– plan and conduct public relations – consult on forest issues

Related Careers

– Conservation & Fishery Officers

– Forest Products Processing Supervisors

– Forestry & Silviculture Workers

– Forestry Technologists & Technicians

– Primary Production Managers

Code of Ethics

Professional Foresters in Canada are governed by the Canadian Institute of Forestry [CIF] according to a Code of Ethics designed to guide the conduct of its members in their business relationships with the public, their employers, clients and each other to the highest possible standards of stewardship on forest lands.


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